Last year I began a few blog entries in a website that has since expired.  In it I discussed my development, or more importantly my ongoing muscle development, from utilising a program that is called ‘Monkey Gym’. My main purpose was to demonstrate that strength can be built (& a hot body) from doing less work than those who frequent a gym 4-7 times a week… Eventually I would love to help train people in this system which can be used for rehabilitative purposes as well as general strength building. I, being the example to my clients demonstrating that it is possible!

NOW after completing a Monkey Gym workshop introduction in January 2014 and settling into attending one Monkey Gym class (maximum 2 a week)- I AM BACK!!!

After last nights 1 hour class, my body is definitely feeling the ‘good ache’… Kit Laughlin (founder of Monkey Gym concept) said during the workshop that you should feel a good sore the next day which shows you worked your muscles properly – but that they also then need about 3 days to recover.

A lot of the training I did last night involved holding static positions with the correct muscles switched on. This trains the brain to recruit the correct muscles when eventually one leads into strength movement exercises… i.e. The pull up.
I worked more on my upper arm strength last night and felt more fatigued than I have at other recent Monkey Gym sessions, which to me signals I have worked more on my ‘weaker’ muscles.

No matter what body area I am working on I also do ‘1 legged standing squats’ on both legs for a maximum of 5 in each session. I have had a right knee issue this past year which for the first time in my 35 years on this planet has caused me not to be able to sit in full lotus position, which causes the right leg squat to be quite ‘scary’ to perform. After seeing various therapists all diagnosing different issues. It was a lady on the Monkey Gym course (a remedial massage therapist and one of Kits senior Stretch therapist teachers) who told me it was no doubt my piriformis muscle being tight and adhering to other muscles in my right hip region. I bought a little plastic styled pyramid device which I rolled over, moved over for 3 weeks and already the issue has begun to change and release the fascia that was tight. My knee isn’t clicking when I bend my knee.

The tendons and ligaments will take longer to reshape than the muscle… so I am being quite patient and not forcing myself to sit into lotus too early.

One of my ‘negative’ body perception issues I have always held, is that I don’t have big enough arms or shoulders, and would like more strength in this region. For the psychological reason that I feel stronger out there in the world, and can protect myself and others. And for the physical look as well — Who doesn’t want to fill out a Tank top or T-shirt in summer???

I will post some ‘current body pictures’ soon. Until the next Monkey Gym post.
Take care and breathe like you have never breathed before!