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Wednesday:  ***Starts Feb 1st 2023
Stretch Therapy – 1 hour
6:30pm – 7:45 pm

Sunday: ***Starts Jan 29th 2023
Yin Yoga – 1 hour
4.30pm – 5:10 pm

6 students maximum for In-Person Classes
All classes can be done via Zoom or in-person

$25 Casual class
$115 5x class pass (8 weeks to use)

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Physical Therapy Sessions

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage

$115 1 hour
$95 45 minute

Yoga / Stretch Therapy 1 to 1 tuition

$165 1.5 hours
$115 1 hour
$95 45 minutes

COMBO – Yoga/ Stretch & Massage

$165 1.5 hours
$115 1 hour
$95 45 minutes

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Being a GMB certified trainer, below are the online programs from GMB that you can purchase that I can then help coach and train you further with!  I not only practice and use these programs but I highly recommend them.  Simply click on one of the programs to check it out!

(full disclosure: I will make some $ off any purchases you make via my links below…But I fully back these programs… if you want to have some fun and learn new skills as you train functionally… you won’t regret it!)

Having practiced bodyweight training for over a decade when I stumbled upon GMB, I finally found a crew of people that I resonated with and who were able to teach a system of training that was fun and made sense.  (AND GOT RESULTS)

By structuring their programs around skills and attributes that will help you get what YOU want and need from YOUR body. GMB Fitness break these attributes down into 3 core components;

Strength, Flexibility/Mobility, and Body Control.

GMB Fitness

GMB Fitness

GMB Fitness


We need to move this physical body everyday to keep it fighting gravity and the earths forces, to allow the organism that is the human body to do it’s work of moving blood and oxygen around the body, removing waste via different organs, sending electrical impulses and hormonal chemicals to all parts that keep this body working.


Moving isn’t everything, we also need to strengthen our body… Upper body strength in order to lift and move things about, lower body strength in order to be able to move the body about!


After we strengthen the muscles we also need to stretch them out, this will also stretch the connective tissue of the body and expand the body outwards against the forces of the planet!


The more we can deepen our breath, bring awareness and mindfulness to the breath, the more we can conquer the ailments & triggers of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies!!


Rest and learning to relax the body at will is one of the master lessons and gifts we can givve our self in this lifetime!

When we learn to relax the physical body, let go of the mental and emotional stirrings that are troubling us and allow our selves to become STILL.  There in the stillness, the truth and reality of who we really are starts to emerge.  We can switch off anxiety responses, emotional responses and start to rewire the neurological make up of our organism the MORE we practice ‘relaxing’ and relaxation techniques!


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