Current in Person Classes (or Zoom online):

Stretch Therapy Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.45pm
*restarts Feb 1st 2023

Yin Yoga Sundays 4.30pm -5.45pm
*restarts Jan 29th 2023

no Hatha Yoga classes are currently scheduled


Myotherapy, Massage, Yoga,

Stretch Therapy, Private tuition with Corey

Call/ Text: 0401 838 775

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Check out Corey’s page, with new content added each week including Yoga & Meditation classes, Strengthening techniques, tutorials helping to demystify postures + more!

FACE TO FACE (text to book space)

Casual Class Price:  $25

5 class pass $115  (6 week expiry from first class)

ZOOM CLASS- ONLINE (register below)

Pay between $15- $25 per class

Direct into my Bank Account

PayID = 0401 838 775  (my mobile)


Account Name:  Corey Story
BSB: 013 275
Account: 592884996

TIMETABLE (may be updated & changed weekly)



A MAXIMUM 4 STUDENTS CAN COME IN PERSON (Please text Corey 0401 838 775 to see if there is space for the session you wish to book in for)






How to Register & Participate


  1. Press one of the Class times above and a registration form appears.

  2. Choose the date of the class

  3. Fill out your details

  4. An email will be sent to you with the link.

  5. In the email you can press “Click here to Join” and this will open the ZOOM app on your laptop OR tell you to download the ZOOM app if you are using your phone.

  6.  Any issues please get in touch with me by phone or email.  If it is your first time register at least 1 hour before class so you can set your laptop or phone up and be sure not to miss the class.


  7. 15 minutes before the class starts when you open up ZOOM (step 5) you will be in the ‘Waiting Room.”

  8. On entering the class your microphone may be muted, feel free to say hello to me and others.  I mute attendees during Yoga classes but keep the microphones open during the Stretch Class.  You can choose to have your Camera off during class.

  9. Please read the ‘Terms of Entering the Class” below.  I am unable to provide you with personal adjustments or feedback during a class, but will assist as best I can with vocal instruction.

  10. Feel free to email me with questions post class, or book a 1-to-1 class at a later time.

Terms and Conditions

By registering & participating in a ZOOM class you agree that:

  1. No refunds are given on any ‘Pay as you can’, ‘Pay it forward’ or ‘Participate without paying’ options.

  2. That you have approval from your GP and are physically and mentally fit to practice yoga, stretch therapy or any other class on the online ZOOM timetable.

  3. That you have set up your area at home safely and have removed any sharp objects or furniture out of your way so that your class can be undertaken safely without fear of injury.

  4. That you ALWAYS take care and not push your body to a point of feeling any pain or discomfort and will stop if you experience any short sharp stabbing sensations.

  5. That you have a friends phone number handy, or there is a person in the house that you can call if you do feel discomfort or become injured during the class.

  6. That the instructor Corey Story is unable to provide you with any personal feedback during the classes.

  7. That the instructor Corey Story is not liable for any injury that may occur in the practice of the live streamed, online yoga, stretch therapy or other group sessions.

  8. That you will advise Corey of any injury, issues or health conditions that you feel may affect your class via email at least 30 minutes before class coreystory@rocketmail.com.

  9. That by registering for a class, your name and email will be placed on the mailing list.  (unsubscribe at any time)

  10. Classes may be filmed (teacher video & audio only) and may be used online at a later date for purchase or for free use.

  11. That by registering and linking to the Livestream Online classes via Zoom, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions above.

What will I need?


If you don’t have any of the listed props below, look to the improvised list beside it.  At the very least a carpet you can grip (and not slip on) and some space would be enough.

A Yoga mat – use a beach towel or picnic rug
A Bolster – pillows, cushions, rolled blankets/towels
Blocks – Stacked encyclopedia thick or sturdy books
Strap – belt, long scarf, dressing gown tie
Chair – Stool or sturdy safe coffee table


I may play music softly (especially during relaxation at the end of class) if you cannot hear it use Spotify or some chilled out music.

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=yin+music+playlist

Spotify:  SEARCH: Yin Yoga OR Yoga music

Spotify:  My spotify username is : coreystory