“On a lifelong journey to heal himself… Corey has utilised wisdom he has gained through years of study and practice to create a space for others to explore and become more themselves… more integrated… more liberated and more at peace!

Corey’s yoga classes are underpinned by a strong anatomical and scientific knowledge of how to work with the bodies structures & systems to lead towards ‘Yoga… Union and integration of Self!’

Its never to late, you are never to old, you are never to inflexible and never ever will you leave a class not learning something about yourself! We always have reasons to not start something… find 1 reason that will inspire you to begin instead!”

With less yoga dogma taught in a class, Corey allows students the chance to get back in touch with their body.

“The role of a teacher is not to be a ‘Sage on the Stage’ but simply a guide by the students side”

“Moving my body, has always been a huge part of my life in the search for inner peace, inner health and developing the greater awareness to the experience I was living with in the world.

With over 25 years experience in different body-work & body awareness disciplines.

From gymnastics, acrobatics, tap-dancing, commercial dance, acting, performance and more.”

A trained ‘Physical Therapist’ with Diplomas in Myotherapy & Remedial Massage therapy, my Yoga specific training over the past 2 decades has seen over 1750 hours of training including;

  • Corey’s initial 900 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training which saw an intense 18 months of study & transformation

  • Paul Grilley’s 200 hour Yin Yoga training in California & follow up Chakra Meditation workshops

  • Sarah Powers 100 hours of Insight Yoga training Yin/ Yang & Mindfulness Meditation

  • Power Livings 60 hours Advanced Vinyasa Training with Duncan Peak

  • Richard Millers iRest Yoga Nidra 35+ hours training with Stephanie Miller

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga with Gopala Amir

  • 200 hours of Teaching Meditation training

  • and much more