Body Mind Repair & Yoga Barn Eltham was born from a passion and love for the healing ability of Yoga & movement & body work techniques that Myotherapy & Remedial Massage incorporate.  The Yoga Barn Eltham studio & clinic offers a supportive, inclusive environment, inviting all to dive wholeheartedly into their practice and body therapy to instill lasting change and feel the joy that the body emits from moment to moment.


Tune in to your body
Listen without judgement
Practice courage in each moment
Remember your truth
Live the values you choose
Accept what is
At the heart of everything is love!



Yoga Barn Eltham is a place to connect with others on the journey (external world) and to connect with the parts of yourself that may be a stranger to you (internal world).  To feel safe & supported in the community we all build being the best that we can be, from moment to each moment.


With a kindness & caring approach we accept that we are all on the path of evolution & awakening.  We have good days and not so good days.  This is part of being in a physical body.


We act with our hearts open, embracing our vulnerabilities and supporting others to do the same.
Aiming to align with the values we choose to help live a life of purpose and fulfilment.


We are perfectly imperfect and here to learn everyday of our lives.  Slowly peeling back the layers of protection, learned habits & karmic afflictions to discover that sparkling diamond that is at the centre of our being in all of us, it is always there, it is shining from within ready for us to remember this truth.  Soften into knowing there is nothing we need to get, nowhere we need to go… be still… breathe… be and the bliss of life will reveal itself.


We are all connected!  Each of us has unique gifts & lessons to learn. We respect and honour each other on the path.