For those working in Drug & Alcohol detox clinics, or those suffering with addiction of some kind… This story, while at times humourous, paints a portrait of what people are going through during the detoxification period & onwards through to recovery… Interesting to point out on entering detox some people are put on a combination of drugs to stop them dying of seizures caused by the immediate withdrawal of their particular substance. (It’s important as a yoga teacher etc. to be aware of this & not bombard a client with too much information)

One of the most poignant comments by the lady speaking, is her full acceptance, and felt love towards that part of herself that has the addiction… She literally ‘welcomes’ that ‘dark’ part of herself in, welcomes the ‘alcoholic’ in to the family… and doesn’t reject her anymore, but honours her by getting a tattoo on her arm, so she can see her everyday.

A lot of us walk around everyday rejecting how we look; our appearance, our belly, our hair, our eye colour, how we speak, how our brains don’t work in a certain way… But more importantly we reject those emotional and mental aspects of ourselves that are holding pain…

The iRest practice I’ve been studying and practicing teaches you to welcome in every part of self, every thought, memory, emotion, sensation that wells up into consciousness, allowing yourself, in time, to to sit with these ‘guests’, like a friend coming over to your house for tea and allowing them to simply sit and be. The amazing iRest protocol has you also create in the beginning an intention, a heart-felt desire and most importantly an ‘inner resource’…. so if at any point you become overwhelmed by the thought, memory or sensation that has come into the physical body you can move straight to your inner resource…

Bubbles the Hyena could have been totally overwhelming for Mollena – she was fortunately able to deal with it… And during her recovery many thoughts, memories, emotions, associations, sensations would have arisen for her to face… For those who aren’t able to deal with this visual hallucination their inner resource would help them come back into their body….

iRest has been used and researched and shown to effectively reduce:
Chronic pain
Chemical dependency

But more amazingly – it can help ALL of us to live more in the moment, and welcome in all that life throws at us… Doing this meditative relaxation has all those hidden benefits that meditation and relaxation report – better health, stronger nerves, that more ‘chilled’ out & controlled emotional & mental levels, more joy, happiness & ability to ‘bend like the willow tree to the weather patterns of life’ …