GMB Fitness is a method and way of coaching & training clients to attain their goals and skills they wish to pursue.

It involves strength, mobility & flexibility exercises that not only get a person stronger, more mobile and flexible but able to grow skills and strength in areas they may have never dreamed of… Like doing a pull-up, handstand or balancing on one leg.

Many clients join up, wanting to lose weight & get fit and find themselves becoming more fit and agile than ever before (no matter what age they start!).

Fitness should be fun & playful & a development of skills, fitness should also be about you being motivated & staying consistent.  These & many more aspects are part of what I teach you during the Coaching process.  You can integrate body-weight training with Resistance training at your gym using weights, or….with simple aparatus like a pull-up bar, roman rings and some dumbbells you can start your training from home and start to change your health and lifestyle TODAY!!!

Start by watching the 40 minute beginners video above and get in touch if you want to take your training and fitness to a new level!  (the training session below would be 1 day of programming for a 6 week, 3 month or 6 month phase I will guide you through ONLINE and via an easy-to-follow APP that takes you through step-by-step)

You can also purchase programs via the GMB fitness website which I can coach you through OR come to me direct and get a program designed specifically for you.

GMB looks at the 3 main attributes needed in fitness:

GMB Fitness


In order to be able to do a specific activity for instance ‘Play Tennis‘… You need;

  • Strength to hit the ball

  • Flexibility to reach and bend and move the racquet in different positions to get the ball back to the other side of the court

  • Motor control to be able to run around the court and co-ordination to hit the ball with the racquet


Whatever activity you are doing, even living a regular life you need all these 3 attributes;

  • Strength to carry groceries, vacuum, lift your baby, push yourself up from a chair.

  • Flexibility to bend down to pick things up, to reach for things above your head.

  • Motor control to be able to move around in your house and life and not lose balance or fall over.

GMB Fitness

As a coach whatever you come to me wanting or ‘needing’, I can use 4 locomotion patterns; Bear, Monkey, Frogger & Crab to assess and address your beginning level of strength, flexibility and motor control and where we need to focus on.


If you want to learn the handstand, if you want to be able to move better, or if you want to lose weight.


We can build a program that suits your needs and your goals using the GMB approach.   It can be designed through a GMB lens using bodyweight exercises and locomotion OR a traditional Gym workout OR a blend of the two!


The beauty of the GMB method is it can be applied to all activities and ways to exercise and get fit, in a traditional sense or non-traditional.  Learning new skills and body movements (ie. Handstands, Pistol squat, Muscle-up) is all about breaking down that skill and reverse engineering it – Giving you the movements and exercises to slowly build strength and flexibility in and eventually become proficient & controlled in these movements, which eventually leads you to ‘attaining’ the Handstand, Pistol Squat, Muscle-up.


You build the strength in the muscles needed, the flexibility across the joints that move the muscle, and the motor control & co-ordination to PERFORM the skill.

GMB Fitness

As a GMB Fitness trainer I can run workshops that focus on building skills on the floor (bodyweight exercises & movements), handstands and more.

(full disclosure: I will make some $ off any purchases you make via my links below…But I fully back these programs… if you want to have some fun and learn new skills as you train functionally… you won’t regret it!)