General Yoga Classes
1 to 1.5 hour format incorporating limbering, traditional postures, breathing exercises, yoga philosophy, health benefits & ending with a Relaxation so the body can fully absorb the benefits of the class.

Private Yoga Class – 75 -90 minutes @ $90
Class tailored to the individual, taking into consideration what their needs & wants are from the practice of yoga. With hands-on instruction & demonstration I aim to deliver a unique experience for the student. Includes @10 minute relax, discussion before & debrief at the end of class.

Stretch Class &/0r Stretch Therapy Consult
Stretch Therapy (ST)™ is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.

Applications of the ST approach span rehabilitation of specific physical problems, through development of more efficient alignment and movement patterns, all the way to improvement of elite athletic performance. Everyone will find themselves somewhere on this continuum!

We say that ST is a safe, yet extremely efficient, way to improve your flexibility, but that’s only a convenient way to open the dialogue. As one starts to work with the body, new needs will be uncovered and you will find yourself pulling on one of the many strands of the ST approach. Everyone’s path is unique, and our approaches reflect this reality.

ST is practised by thousands of people worldwide, and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.*

Stretch Therapy Consult -1 hour @ $90
Includes discussion, diagnosis techniques & stretching
A Yoga class can be incorporated with a short relaxation.

Progressive Yoga Relaxation a 45 minute relaxation can be added at the end of either Private Yoga session or Stretch therapy consult for an additional $40.
The therapeutic benefits of deeper relaxation can be found here

“1 hour of Relax is said to be as rejuvenating as 4 hours of sleep”

Corporate Class $150 p/hour
Depending on the corporate setting and the needs of the employees, I can tailor make a class that delivers the benefits & teachings requested.  In general terms, the format will run in a similar way to the general class or can be run as a complete introduction to yoga, building each week.  The class can be fitted in with employees lunch or after-work hours.  If you have any enquiries please do get in touch.

Kids Yoga
Fun & light interaction with Traditional Postures, games & inclusive activities.
Uplifting for all the kids involved as they learn about their body & ways to keep it healthy & agile.
Tailored to the age groups attending.
– After or During School Curriculum
– On site at Child-Care Centres/ Creches
– During Physical Education programmes

* Description taken directly from Kit Laughlins website