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stretch&flexibilitySTRETCHING & FLEXIBILITY with DVD Update $69.95*

By Kit Laughlin

Whether you’re an office worker wondering how to stretch that tight spot between your shoulders and neck, a martial artist wanting to do side-splits, a weekend athlete aiming to achieve more whole-body rotation to improve your golf swing or whether you just want to relax your back after housework, Kit Laughlins bestselling Stretching & Flexibility will make it all possible.
Over 100 stretching exercises plus additional warm up movements with over 700 photographs many illustrations of key anatomical details & DVD update.

OvercomeNeckBackPainSMALLOVERCOME NECK & BACK PAIN with DVD Update $69.95*

By Kit Laughlin

Diagnostic techniques with all the stretches (with DVD update) that have made this system revolutionary.
Over 250 pages of case studies, photographs, detailed instructions & in-depth insights of how to overcome neck & back pain



I-am-a-YogiI AM A YOGI $25*

Written by Lucille Wood, current director of Gita International, it is a collection of anecdotes, stories, newsclippings, amazing photos & the philisophies of Margrit Segesman, original founder of Gita International.





wings-of-powerWINGS OF POWER $25*

The amazing book written by Margrit Segesman, original founder of Gita International Yoga, detailing her life & early struggle with Tuburculosis & eventual overcoming of these health issues, by creating what is known today as Progressive Yoga Relaxation.  She survived for 60 years with a 1/4 of one lung capacity.

A best seller in it’s day -when this book was first released to the American market, they said it was too ‘simple’, we already knew that!

This book however is not simple it is ‘simplistic.’   Complex ideas & esoteric wisdoms are explained in super-simple terms so that anyone can understand its meaning…another word for this is ‘Distilled Wisdom’


gitayogageneralclassGITA YOGA DVD $29.95*

An Introduction to Gita Yoga &
a general Gita Yoga Class with a Peace Theme


yogaforyouYOGA FOR YOU $25*
By Lucille Wood with Di Lucas

The book is for all those who would like some answers to the recurring questions of life
– ‘Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? What’s it all for?’
It presents all the postures in the Gita Yoga sequence


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