The style I was trained in was brought to Australia from India in 1954, by a Baroness from Switzerland, known as Margrit Segesman.

Margrits own personal story is one of remarkable courage, will & the overcoming of adversity.  I won’t  delve too much into her story here, but you can read it in the two books pictured; Wings of Power & I am a Yogi.

Margrit spent 7 years in the Himalayas training with her Guru, who one day turned to her and said;

“Tomorrow I am leaving, you will never be able to find me again, go back to the West to teach all that you know and never reveal to anyone, who I am.  The time of the Guru-Student has ended.  We are entering a new age whereby people must learn to take responsibility for themselves and to follow the teachings, not the teacher.”  Hence why to this day her guru was never revealed to anyone.  The wisdom however within the postures and the way to teach them demonstrates the exactness & foresight the teacher had to the coming 21st century issues.

The next day, her Guru was gone.  And so after spending some time in a village in India, working to earn money & grow her hair to a more socially acceptable length (she had shaved it on being ordained.)  She sailed to Melbourne.

Holding steady to her Gurus wish, to never divulge who he was, Margrit created & continually grew what today is called ‘Gita International.’  The spiritual business runs on the concept that in this age of Aquarius, the energies are best supported & one can evolve in a much smoother way, by working together in groups within the community.  Coming together to work for the good of the whole.  Holding a vision that embraces all with kindness, compassion & love.

Gita School of Yoga, as it was known back then, is the longest running full-time Yoga school and one of the oldest in Australia.  Even more amazing was Margrits inner strength and resolve to be a foreigner running a business in the 50’s.

“ We are Spiritual Beings having a human Experience”