The Yoga targets the hormone producing glands in the body, the central nervous system & the autonomic nervous system, whilst increasing flexibility & core muscular support.

It Assists in the removal of toxins & wastes, returning the body & nervous systems to homeostasis (internal stability) – by giving our internal organs a much needed massage.

The traditional postures (asanas) are combined with limbering, breathing exercises (pranayama) & relaxation.  You learn throughout the class how each posture affects the body on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

Information is available at the touch of a button and comes at us from all angles, thicker and faster than ever before in the form of media, advertising & the internet.  We are all living busier lives, our brains are operating at a frenetic pace & we are finding ourselves time poor.  The meditative & introspective approach allows students the mental space to unwind whilst physically working through the postures.

A General class is normally 1 hour in length giving students a beneficial practice & allowing them to return to their busy lives refreshed, refuelled & regenerated.

Is your body, mind & wellbeing in need of a lift?
Do you find yourself saying ‘I should do Yoga?’