shutterstock_64251376Serenity Kids Yoga is a fantastic experience for busy little people as they practice postures, meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, relaxation, singing & games.  I aim to nurture the inner spirit of every child & ensure they experience this special time of childhood as a time of fun and magic!

Yoga assists kids in many ways:

1. Mentally helping with clear thinking & ongoing learning. Promoting relaxation, creativity & imagination.

2. Emotionally giving them an unshakeable sense of self-esteem arising from a healthy self-image

3. Physically keeping them healthy whilst balancing their hormones that surge throughout their childhood & teenage years.

Part of the role as a teacher, is to give the child absolute assurance:

–       that it is okay to be themselves!

–       that they are here for a reason!

–       that they have a right to exist, to experience Love & enjoy life!

–       they have the talent and resources within them to change or create anything in their lives!

–       their personality isn’t perfect, but neither is anyone elses, but it IS perfect for what they intend to do in THIS life.

–       that they can expect others, especially adults, to guide them

And to teach that yoga is the exercise of the body & mind, that wise people have done since the dawn of time in order to be healthy, joyful, have purpose & to maintain their natural memory that we are eternal souls. “Spiritual beings having a human experience.”


sources: Di Lucas, Teaching Yoga to Children course 2009.