Group Classes



Class runs for 60-70 minutes with time after spent having tea and hanging out.

6 students fit the space comfortably and spaces can fill fast.


20161206_110413Price $40 per class.   Get in touch for BSB & Account details.

There is a Meetup Group you can join to follow the timetable more closely.  You can RSVP on MeetUp BUT your booking isn’t confirmed – you must contact me prior to see if there is space and send the $40 to my BSB details.  Please note some of the guys who come are not MeetUp members so they book direct with me & I add them as my guest on Meetup.  There is a cancellation fee of $10 if you cancel within 24 hours (this is to keep the class viable as 4 guys need to be booked to keep the class financially viable)

Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of page before booking, by booking you agree to the terms of the policy.  The policy is in place to ensure the ongoing sustainability of classes.




Possible Future classes :

– regular clothed classes with mixed genders. 

– Stretch Therapy, Body-weight strength training and other styles of Yoga – Yin, Vinyasa & Hatha (elements that are threaded into the Group Nude sessions). 

– Monthly nude gatherings or Nude Yoga Workshops

– Meditation classes

Clothed VS Nude?

I have practiced nude yoga for as long as I can remember and have taught it 1 to 1 or in small groups over the years as a teacher.

“There is no posture you can do that is better with or without clothes on, apart from clothing at times having a slight restriction on your movement.”

There is no real difference in a physical sense, however in a mental emotional sense, without clothing we all feel quite vulnerable & exposed as we have no mask to hide behind. Therefore at all times I aim to create a safe welcoming space, free of judgement, discrimination, bullying, intolerance & any other inappropriate behaviour.

Removing all clothes means you have greater connection and sense awareness to your body as you move from posture to posture. Your skin, the largest organ will feel equal pressure and sensation over its entire surface depending on the pose you are in without the restriction or distraction of clothing.

Depending on your level of comfort being naked, you may overcome huge barriers and esteem issues by practicing without clothes. Allowing layers of shame we have taken on throughout our lives to slowly dissolve. A greater acceptance and love of our imperfectly perfect bodies can become our normal way of feeling & thinking.

Is the class the same as a clothed class?

Yes. A class I teach naked or clothed will always be similar in it’s approach. Adjusting slightly depending on your or the students level of flexibility and experience. There is no posture you do that is better with or without clothes on. From personal experience I enjoy yoga naked due to the sensual and sensational experience of feeling my body free of restriction.

Will the teacher touch me?

We all learn in different ways;
# Auditory – hearing it through vocal instruction
# Visually – seeing it & copying
# Kinesthetically – doing it by moving or being assisted through touch

I may make vocal, visual or slight physical adjustments by bringing awareness to your body through touch, to assist students in postures, but always respecting the comfort level & boundaries of the student.
An adjustment ‘touch’ is never intended to be sexual nor is it to show favour to any student in a class. Some students who are new may require more assistance than a seasoned practitioner. If you do not wish to be touched or adjusted simply let me know via email/ text or in person what you are comfortable with. My approach to adjustments is minimal and not aesthetic, everyone’s body and skeletal structure is different… provided your body isn’t in pain and the target tissue is feeling stretched or contracted, then the pose is working.

Is it sexual?

Sadly society at large frowns on nudity in public and many see being naked as a precursor to being sexual. With all the horrible abuse stories we hear no wonder we feel vulnerable and defenceless without clothes. We all have a lot of healing to do around nudity and acceptance of our own and others naked bodies.

The Naked Yoga I teach is not sexual. For many it can be the first time in adulthood that they are naked with another man or woman in a non-sexual context. And many of my students have told me how liberating this is, how free it makes them feel and how the protective layers we build up around ourselves can slowly dissolve due to not being able to hide behind a self-image of clothing and labels.

There can be elements of feeling at peace & connected especially while doing Yoga Asana (postures) as it has a calming affect on our Central Nervous system. For men especially this relaxed state may cause erections this does not mean the class is sexual or turning sexual. And the reverse is also possible if you are feeling adrenaline flood the body and your heart beat is up, you may also get aroused. Again as i say to students who ask when this happens- refocus on the Yoga class & let it be. I will hold the space & be present without judgement and for many that intention & attention can assist in greater sexual, psychological and physical healing.

What if I get an erection?

Erections happen quite frequently.  Moving your body around, squeezing different parts and having your genitals hang in the breeze, this can all be stimulating to the senses so erections can occur.  Moving your body into a relaxation response state can also move blood into the penis and stimulate an erection.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.   Celebrate having an erection, without shame and keep on doing the class and following the instructions.  Sexual energy at a very subtle level is picked up by everyone.  Hence why part of yoga practice is to contain and control your energy within the body.  Being aware of the hormones that can be released when erect and choosing in that moment to act or not to act on the erection leads to greater awareness of your sexual self.  As men we more often than not ‘act’ on the erection.  There is great freedom and more choice when you learn to have control over your sexual energy and this, for me has been part of my practice and growth as a sexual and sensual man.  And on reflection has helped my 30’s be more healthier sexual energy wise, than my 20’s were.  With total respect though, this has been my experience, your experience may be totally different.  So embrace your own journey but respect everyones around you.

What if I have other questions?

Get in touch with me via message, phone or email




4 guys are needed to be booked and paid for the class to run.

If there isn’t 4 booked and paid 24 hours before class 6.30pm Wednesday, I will cancel the class and refund in full your $40.

If you cancel within 24 hours, there is a $10 cancel fee.